We just left behind 2017, a year of achievements, celebration and first important milestone, our 5th anniversary.

We wanted to take a step back and take a look at last year’s important highlights.

by Cristiana Dumitru

In 2017

We were creative …

The spring brought out our inner artists. We celebrated International Women's Day by creating impressive paintings. Our ladies accepted our challenge and discovered to be really talented painters. On Easter, we released our creative spirit once again, unleashing our imagination in an Egg-Decorating workshop. This is when the boys surprised us with their unexpected crafting skills.

We were sporty …

We kicked off with “Crosul companiilor” competition, where our 3 teams successfully finished the race. It was a great team effort, together as one! The ping-pong tournament hosted by the team was a great way to channel our competitive spirit. We were all winners because we had a common purpose – fun!

We worked hard and played hard

2017 united us even more, thanks to all our team events. Board games night, movie night, ice cream day, pizza day, night out in city, and many others played a big role in our after-work life. Probably the most awaited team outing activity of the year was our autumn team building and, at the same time, the perfect opportunity to celebrate Wayfare’s 5th anniversary. It was an unforgettable weekend getaway with lots of fun, challenging Geocaching activities in the woods and Tropical Party at night on the terrace, with flamingos, pineapples and limbo dance. We spent a great time and made beautiful memories together. The Autumn events continued with a spooky Halloween night filled with lots of yummy treats and the IT movie. We were strong all together and didn’t get scared a bit. Good for us!
2017 ended with the season of joy. December was about bringing the Christmas Spirit into our office by decorating the Christmas tree and becoming Santa’s little helpers. We packed more than 70 boxes with toys and sweets for the children in need. It was our fifth year of participation to ShoeBox project and we were more than happy to be part of it! On the 8th of December came the moment of celebrating the successful year spent together – a night of Hollywood Glamour with sparkly decorations, glamourous outfits, great food and lots of laughs. We enjoyed cheerful moments together, especially on the dance floor! Our little ones also had lots of fun at their Christmas party. They welcomed Santa with traditional carols and poems, being rewarded with applauses and gifts.

We shared knowledge

In everything we do, we believe that knowledge-sharing is the key ingredient. It helps us grow, generate new ideas, leads to innovative discoveries and, last but not least, it keeps us curious, engaged and united. Besides on-going sharing of knowledge during daily tasks, we also took the opportunity to share or learn new things from our monthly tech newsletter, our in-house workshops or participating to external events. A notable event in which we shared from our knowledge was EMEA PUG Challenge Conference, which took place in Prague, in mid-November. Our colleague, Adam, delivered a presentation about Telerik UI for WinForms, an alternative to OpenEdge Ultra Controls.
We enjoyed a great audience and a great atmosphere out there. Also, hats off to our dedicated trainers – Ioana, Vali, Adam, Mihai, Vasile and Daniel. They mentored through the year, passionate IT students, who took our opportunity of learning Progress OpenEdge. Our SuperMentons helped the interns in improving their team-work skills, time management skills and technical skills – all this leading to a real professional experience. It surely was a win-win situation, the interns sharing back their passion, curiosity, fresh energy and enthusiasm.

A year full of achievements!

Our team grew with 18 people, reaching 76 passionate professionals.

We started 6 new long-term partnerships with new clients. Thank you for trusting us.

We delivered three Progress OpenEdge trainings to IT students and fresh graduates, giving them the opportunity to have an insight into the IT work                   environment.

We attended 3 job fairs, Cariere in IT, JobShop and TDC in IT, where we introduced our team and our way of working to students looking to jump start their career.
We added 53 books in our online library and joined one e-learning platform. Happiness is learning.

310 people liked our Facebook page, WayfareIT

We organizez 4 CSR campaigns for helping children in need.

We spent 96 hours learning how to communicate assertive for gaining and maintaining productive relationships.

All these were achieved by enjoying …

And last but not least … 20860 cups of coffee.
We really love coffee!

If we look back over the year that just passed, we can say we are truly grateful for our achievements as a team and for all the amazing memories we’ve made. To our customers, thank you for your trust and for a great partnership.

We say goodbye to 2017 and we welcome 2018 with open hearts and big plans!

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