Experiences to remember, moments to freeze.

These are the first thoughts for the 2019 chapter, here at Wayfare.

And speaking of great moments to share,

we cannot miss mentioning our Christmas Parties and our giving back to the community projects.

Christmas Party

On the 6th of December, we had a jolly good Christmas Party. It was on Saint Nicholas Day, so presents were a must. We had a little game of Secret Santa and it was so funny to see everyone’s reaction when they received their presents. Good food, music, dancing and laughing were the key to rock the night away and show some awesomeness. The memories will remain, and we will look back to that night as being one of the great times spent together.

Kids Christmas Party

We cannot forget about our Wayfare kids since they also deserve to have some fun and receive presents from Santa Claus. They had a blast at Jumping House and sang carols while waiting for Santa. It was so good to see their excitement when Santa entered the room with lots of presents for them since they all checked good on Santa’s list. They even ignored the moment when the pizzas arrived, eating was not so important for a while. But having fun was. Good for them! Childhood is all about joy, happiness, and innocence. And the good thing? Parents joined as well and relieved their childhood for one night too.

Someone said we’ve been good this year,
so Santa had something nice in store for the #wayfareteam too.

Under the Christmas Tree, we found presents with each of our names on it.
It was a nice start for our winter holiday.
We know Christmas is not only about receiving presents and spending time with our loved ones but also about giving back and helping others. That is why we are always happy to support the ShoeBox campaign and sprinkle a little Christmas spirit around us. Last December we gathered for a big cup of hot chocolate and some gingerbread to wrap presents for the ones not so fortunate.
We all became Santa’s little elves and felt the holiday cheer even more. We listened to carols and spent some quality time together in a cosy vibe. The feeling of giving and knowing you may bring some joy to someone cannot be replaced with anything.

So, we ended the year with the feeling of doing our best,
happy about our accomplishments and our journey so far.

We are prepared to face this year with a big smile, eager to learn more and grow.
Together we can achieve more because Wayfare is all about us, the Wayfarers.


Oana Zdrenghea.Jr. Employee Experience and Administrative Officer

People oriented person passionate about writing, reading, traveling and a forever animal lover.
My motto : Become good at something, enjoy it and then the passion follows.

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