Behind the scenes:
we salute team adventures

by Ioana Chelmuș

We love our team - passionate about its work and, we adore our headquarter which has this amazing garden, but what we like the most, as you have already seen, is spending time all together in nature.

So, following this hobby that we all share, lucky us, for two days we forgot about the city and our routine, and we adventured into the wild.

Saturday was by far a day full of accomplishments and laughs.


It was a warm and sunny day, and we were so happy

that we had the time to see another astonishing view.

Here at Wayfare we truly believe
that great experiences can build great teams.

By bounding we truly came to see the best in the people we work with.
And, as Paulo Coelho said “Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”
and indeed this is our purpose too. We want to create a climate in which we all accept challenges
with the confidence that we can always rely on our colleagues.

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