Rollbase project

Last summer the first project was started using the latest technology that Progress is bringing to the market. The project started with an architecture phase and continued with a pilot project focusing on Master Data Management. The project was executed for Macintosh Retail Group with their head office in Maastricht.

Macintosh Retail Group is a large-scale non-food retailer listed on the Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange, specialized in the distribution of consumer products and services in the sectors Living and Fashion.

The MDM project built by Wayfare for Macintosh combines the suite tools from Progress Pacific and is one of the first projects to integrate all the technologies available: Rollbase, Corticon, BPM and OpenEdge Mobile.

For the POC the decision was made to create a Master Data Management for article maintenance using the Quarix framework for data access, business layer and service interfaces. The starting point of the flow is triggered by entering a new article in the system using the Mobile application and the flow execution is controlled by BPM which assigns tasks for the buying admin or the supplier to provide details on article attributes or to validate information. Rollbase portals provide the web interface for both buying admin and supplier cutting down the communication time and speeding up the information transfer while Corticon provides an easy and comprehensive rules engine to allow business users to link attributes and ease the decision-making process.

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