Another jolly Christmas Kids Party

by Cristiana Dumitru

In a frosty Monday evening a tall, white-beard old man stopped in his path and arrived in Cluj-Napoca.
Despite the crowded traffic, the ride was magical because the reindeer sleigh floated through the air.

In a playground outside of the city, while dozens of dwarfs were playing, the magic has happened: Santa Claus and his funny elf appeared!
The kids were delighted with this unexpected visit.

  • The jolly man was wearing a red coat with white fur collar and cuffs, red trousers and a black leather belt and boots. Shortly he became familiar with the kids. They laughed all together and told funny stories.
  • But Santa is old and tired, so he had to sit on his magic chair to rest a little. It was the perfect opportunity for kids to admire and watch him closely.

    Everybody went silent. Wow! Is this real?
  • With a loud, hoarse voice and round-red cheeks, Santa Claus brought magic all around him.

    The most awaited part – opening the Christmas presents. Santa never missed a letter. From small to big, kids received the much desired gift and they recited poems and sang carols. The most popular was “Mos Craciun cu plete dalbe”.
  • But the reindeer outside started to get restless, so the jolly old man had to depart. Million children were waiting for him.

    He definitely made a night to remember! Until next year, the Wayfare kids will prepare other letters and will be even better.

    Hope Santa will find us again!

May the Joy of the Season fill your hearts everyday!

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