Behind the scenes:
words from our SuperInterns

by Ioana Chelmuș

This summer we finished with success another marathon of knowledge sharing, sparks of curiosity and good vibes. Our summer internship turned out to be for us a time full of accomplishments. We got the chance to meet brilliant young minds with passion for coding and nor the less for team work.

Lessons have been received from both sides: on one side the interns learned all about Progress OpenEdge, the technology which doesn’t stop from receiving a lot of followers, and on the other side, they helped us too in reminding ourselves how interesting is to learn databases from scratch and how you can laugh a lot and still get things done too.

But enough from our side, in the meantime,

you can read their minds in the next mini interviews.

It is obvious that our internship was a different experience for each one of them. In many ways, they inspired each other, and we are truly grateful to our trainers who had a significant influence on the development of the SuperInterns.

Stay tuned, their adventure doesn’t stop here!

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