Celebrating childhood

by Ioana Chelmuș

On the 4th of June we had a blast celebrating what is the most beautiful and pure in the world, childhood. All parents and kids were invited and we all had such a fun time together. We surprized the children with the greatest science experiment of The Wacky Professor and a thrilling sword fighting against two notorious pirates.

Our green garden became for this special day colorful and full of toys. We enjoyed the warm weather, while the kids had a lot of fun playing on the slide. After all the energy rush, we recharged our batteries with delicious pizza, which was over right in time to hide inside the house from the summer rain and in no time Wayfare office became a science lab. This was the most expected moment of the evening.

The Wacky Professor was awesome, he managed to gather around the small and the big ones in time for his science show. The physical and chemical experiments involved some quizzes about dilatation, colors combinations and many interesting things which have succeeded in capturing the attention of the grownups too. The kids were very involved in the process and they had the right answers all along, such smart little ones.
After all the things we have learned about science, it was the perfect time to play around with some pirates “Arr” and that is what we did. The kids played a lot of games which involved running and hiding and lots and lots of laughing. The surprise that ended the night was a healthy Science Themed Cake which was so yummy. We loved it as much as the kids.

We ended the night grateful for another great event along with the people of Wayfare and their amazing children.

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