Enjoying challenges and the possibility to constantly develop your skills?


A highly motivated team-player with a friendly personality, an empathic person and a relationship builder?


Creative & open-minded, with a strong sense of responsibility and good at taking initiatives?


A persuasive and creative storyteller?

If so, we want you in our team! Join our journey!

We are always looking for high achievers, for people who possess a genuine thirst for knowledge,
a desire to push their individual boundaries, and an enthusiasm to discover innovative solutions.


You’ll have an impact on building a positive company brand awareness, creating consistent, compelling and impactful internal and external communications. You will engage prospective talent in our Wayfare journey with transparent glimpses into our Wayfarers' life, as well as our prospective customers via impactful glimpses into our successful long-term partnerships. You will also help us with the smooth running of our office


Administrative responsibilities

Welcoming and offering support to visitors and guests;

Monitoring and acquisition of office supplies & consumables;

Offering administrative support to future new hires and employees;

Assisting with Recruiting activities;

Assisting Management with various requests: research, reports, presentations;

Offering support for the Accounting department.
Communication responsibilities

Designing and creating powerful, compelling, personalized content for internal and external communication (newsletter, company news, news blog, social media, flyers, company website, and presentations) which drive readers response and engagement. All the created content must be valuable and purposeful, intentional and strategic;

All communications will have a consistent look, feel and voice that reflect and are aligned with Wayfare culture and values and will follow the strategic objectives of the company;

The key objectives will be to facilitate effective employee communication, thus keeping our colleagues connected, effectively informed and engaged with our company, and to enhance the Wayfare brand awareness.

The work schedule will be: one week from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday;
the other week from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday.


Desirable skills

Basic HR skills
Degree in Communications
PR, Marketing

Join our journey!

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