Vision & Mission

W e could tell you that we are an innovative nearshoring company, focusing on software development. That we are a reliable partner, supporting you to bring your business forward and to reach your goals. That we are situated in Cluj-Napoca. Or that we are a good employer.

But that’s what you expect us to say.
We want to exceed your expectations, we want to surprise you, to make you feel that Wayfare is the place where you really want to be, with creative and trustworthy people together with whom you can’t wait to start your journey. This is what Wayfare is all about, our journey together – together with our customers and our people – giving us a hand in achieving our goals. And we are doing all these with passion, open attitude, respect for values and, last but not least, with fun.

Our Services

Wayfare can help you in addressing successfully the challenges that you encounter.

Nowadays for business executives it is vital to understand the way in which technology is going to impact the business. Is a rapid changing world, so there is always a need to adapt, to develop new functionalities.
New devices, new technologies, new general purpose software become available and have an impact on the functionalities that have already been built.
Our extensive and proven expertise can provide technical vision to your business vision and together we can find the most innovative and cost-effective solution.
Our goal is to support the full life-cycle for development, support and maintenance of applications and software programs.
Our main focus is on modern technologies like Progress Open Edge (BPM, Corticon), .Net, Java, Sky & Cloud Computing, Enabling Tablets & Smart Phones. We are used to working in a hybrid environment, connecting to already existent systems, because we have learned that integration of different environments is key to using the strengths of each environment. – Integration towards a web (shop) front end, integration with social media, integration with payment systems.

By bringing together the right components in one environment will enhance the productivity; therefore we’ll have a more efficient and effective way of using resources.

Our way of working

  • Customer value today can only be created by constantly developing new solutions to existing problems, by doing better today what we did yesterday and tomorrow what we do today. We offer to our customers a long-term relationship, combining a flexible and agile approach with our in-depth experience and expertise, striving to come up with innovative and scalable solutions that best meet their business requirements.
  • We listen carefully to each client, paying attention to each on an individual basis, because each one is different and has specific needs. In the first phase of the partnership, knowledge needs to be exchanged. Wayfare will appoint a project lead to work very closely with the project lead of the customer. This helps to better exchange ideas, and to make competent suggestions instead of asking from the client to constantly define every single detail of a project.
  • All our people have a good balance of technical and soft skills and they are permanently challenged to develop their competencies. Beside the attention given to the technical expertise, we have a strong focus on communication skills because we know how important it is to have a good understanding of the needs of our customers, to assure the right level of discussions and the best cooperation between us and our customers.

Development Services

Wayfare can assist in different parts of the development cycle. This can be done at several levels: just an addition to the existing application as a new module covering a specific functional area as a new application In all situations a careful preparation is necessary to understand the specific needs, to cover several situations and exceptions. In close cooperation the technical environment is chosen.

Maintenance services

In only a very small number of cases the application will not change after it has been build. Even if a new replacement is under construction the current application needs to be adjusted. Wayfare can maintain applications in several technologies. We have a lot of experience in maintaining environments running for many years.

Implement Busines Process Management

In the old days, we had to process the changes to the database in a batch run mostly at night. Then came the transactional systems that either maintained the tables containing all data or the systems that handled a complete process (create an invoice, enter an order for a purchase). Today’s systems give you the ability to handle the complete process but also create a task for the person responsible for the next step in the process. This separation can be triggered due to the fact that not everyone has the same authority to execute processes, to give discounts, to approve a loan. Other examples are new recruitment approvals, salary increase approvals, inventory check, and many others.

New look & feel of the UI

The applications that came out years ago were built using the technologies available at that time and might look outdated. Compared to the past there is a lot more functionality available to build a far more attractive and easier to use User Interface. Interaction with other applications has become easier, and the tools for easy communication and processing have improved. Interactions with other applications are easier, but also the tools that can be used for easy communication and processing. In most cases, the modernization of the UI has a big impact on the ability to sell the application to new customers.

Cloud Computing

More and more companies are not willing to invest money upfront to buy servers, hardware, licenses. In those cases using applications out of the cloud can be a solution. Although there are applications available in several areas (CRM by SalesFore, HRM by Workday, recruitment by Jobvite, etc.) there are still large areas that do not have a cloud solution available. For those Solution Providers it might be an opportunity to make their application Cloud ready.

Structure business Rules using Rules Based Engines

Modern applications require more flexibility regarding the usage of business rules. There are several areas where rules need to be adjusted according to changing internal regulations, financial and fiscal regulations, changes in processes and many others. The business logic is no longer hardcoded in the software. In those cases, the usage of OpenEdge Corticon can help you bring the definition and maintenance of the business rules to the end-user of the business users.

Support services

1 Application Support

2 Managed Services

3 Infrastructure Support

4 Quality assurance to monitor agent accuracy and engagement

5 Continuing training in technical and soft skills

6 Optimized support processes

7 Flexibility according to the customer’s needs

8 Clear set of customized KPIs to drive performance and customer satisfaction

9 Custom SLAs tailored to meet any business objectives

10 Customization to the unique needs of your business

11 Resource and capacity planning on different technologies and skill sets

As your support partner, we play a key role in building brand loyalty for your services.

Management Team

<strong>Wim Martens </strong><br>CEO

Wim Martens

  • 30+ years of IT experience
  • 12 years in Nearshoring
  • 18 years in sales and management of Professional Services
<strong>Anda Comsa</strong><br>

Anda Comsa

  • 15+ years in a Nearshoring company
  • Experienced in Human Resource and Operational Management