Vision & Mission

W e could tell you that we are an innovative nearshoring company, focusing on software development. That we are a reliable partner, supporting you to bring your business forward and to reach your goals. That we are situated in Cluj-Napoca. Or that we are a good employer.

But that’s what you expect us to say.
We want to exceed your expectations, we want to surprise you, to make you feel that Wayfare is the place where you really want to be, with creative and trustworthy people together with whom you can’t wait to start your journey. This is what Wayfare is all about, our journey together – together with our customers and our people – giving us a hand in achieving our goals. And we are doing all these with passion, open attitude, respect for values and, last but not least, with fun.

Our way of working

  • Customer value today can only be created by constantly developing new solutions to existing problems, by doing better today what we did yesterday and tomorrow what we do today. We offer to our customers a long-term relationship, combining a flexible and agile approach with our in-depth experience and expertise, striving to come up with innovative and scalable solutions that best meet their business requirements.
  • We listen carefully to each client, paying attention to each on an individual basis, because each one is different and has specific needs. In the first phase of the partnership, knowledge needs to be exchanged. Wayfare will appoint a project lead to work very closely with the project lead of the customer. This helps to better exchange ideas, and to make competent suggestions instead of asking from the client to constantly define every single detail of a project.
  • All our people have a good balance of technical and soft skills and they are permanently challenged to develop their competencies. Beside the attention given to the technical expertise, we have a strong focus on communication skills because we know how important it is to have a good understanding of the needs of our customers, to assure the right level of discussions and the best cooperation between us and our customers.

Management Team

<strong>Wim Martens </strong><br>CEO

Wim Martens

  • 30+ years of IT experience
  • 12 years in Nearshoring
  • 18 years in sales and management of Professional Services
<strong>Anda Comsa</strong><br>

Anda Comsa

  • 20+ years in a Nearshoring company
  • Experienced in Human Resource and Operational Management