Cooking for Education

by Ioana Chelmuș

When you have a team full of great people, ready to get themselves involved in all the projects and events that have place inside Wayfare, you sit for a minute and think How can we collect all this enthusiasm and make something meaningful? and this is how we came with the idea of making a fundraising for helping a school. Long story short, this school has no equipment in their gym, that’s why knowing how important sport is in the harmonious development of children we decided to help them equip the hall.

The concept of the event has orbited around the main idea of Helping these children, but we wanted to do this by having also a great time together and try new things. It was like a snowball effect, we gathered to help the kids and through their cause, we managed to get all together working in teams and build each other up.

Starting from the name of the event Cooking for Education we decided to cook and sell inside the firm the food to collect funds.

So those who are a natural talent in the kitchen cooked their best recipe like Tiramisu, Oreo Nutella Cheesecake, Stuffed Mushrooms, Carbonara spaghetti, Souffle, Polenta cake and so on. The rest of us, who are afraid to get close to the cooker stove because hey, it can be dangerous (let’s face it some of us know to cook only French fries) bought the food made by the chefs. It went out very well, we succeeded after a long time to take lunch together, laugh and of course applaud the amazing dishes made by our colleagues.

If someone thought that programmers are not multifunctional people, they were mistaken at the best. It was a nice gathering, and actually, we have reached our goal to make these kids happier by giving them the opportunity to play basketball, football or doing gymnastics. As action speak louder than words we want to give thanks to all our colleagues that pitch in with any occasion because they all are forming the #WayfareTeam. We were very pleased to give our contribution to this school and we hope that in the future we can do more things like this.

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