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    Retail Solutions

    There was a good cultural match between ourselves and Wayfare. Pragmatic, simple, down to earth, with a dedicated team, adjusted to our methodology. For us it is important that the team members are communicative and enjoying what they are doing, since this will be a collaboration for the long run, so we want stability.

    After a few previous failed attempts with other outsourcing companies, based on gut-feel, Wayfare was the best for achieving our desired result.

    What surprised me the most about Wayfare? The fact that they are in it for the long run.

    Robin Wahle - CEO

    RW Retail Solutions will bring retailers efficiency in scheduling, working and communication. Our mission is to help retailers to reorganize into an effective organization high-quality workforce with competitive labor cost.  

    Our product the 'employee management tool' will do just that.


    Over the past 140 years, Ericsson has been at the forefront of communications technology.

    Founded in 1876, Ericsson is a global leader in delivering ICT solutions.  In fact, 40% of the world's mobile traffic is carried over Ericsson networks.

    Ericsson has customers in over 180 countries and comprehensive industry solutions ranging from Cloud services and Mobile Broadband to Network Design and Optimization.

    Ericsson has one of the industry's strongest patent portfolios with a total count of over 39,000. R&D is at the heart of Ericsson business and approximately 23,700 employees are dedicated to their R&D activities.


    CGI works in the healthcare industry and they are using a large application to manage the medical analyses. The application was extremely complex and it dealt with very important and sensitive data so the performance, security and reliability were some of the key elements and targets to be achieved.


    Fresh is a Dutch IT company that created an ERP system focusing on the fruit and vegetables trade market. The traders are managing a large quantities and volumes of fruit and vegetables, they developed and extended in Magic 5.0 (character) an application to serve their needs, currently over 20 years old. As Magic had some limitation in achieving their business requirements, they have asked for Wayfare’s assistance in migrating their application to a Progress platform.


    Informa is a leading business intelligence, academic publishing, knowledge and events business, operating in the Knowledge and Information Economy. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a member of the FTSE 100.Founded in 1962 Infroma serves commercial, professional and academic communities in many different sectors by helping them connect and learn, and by creating and providing access to content and intelligence that helps people and businesses work smarter and make better decisions faster.

    Informa is organized into four Operating Divisions, with a fifth Division, Global Support, providing business services that support the Group and other Divisions.

    Informa has over 7,500 colleagues around the world, with a presence and customers in North and South America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


    I chose Wayfare because it has the specific required competence to complete and deliver our project. I hoped they would be the best in getting the desired result and that’s how it proved to be. They were professional in approach, handling pre-sales, estimation, execution and support with the outmost clarity and focus on fulfilling the requirements. Another thing worth appreciating is that they met all deadlines and stayed inside estimated budgets. Let’s not forget about the knowledge. I think that makes Wayfare unique. All these reasons have made me already recommend them.

    Dan Koblicska - Operations Manager

    Nspyre has become Altran Romania, part of Altran Group, a global leader in Engineering and R&D services (ER&D). 


    Haufe Lexware

    The Haufe Group stands for integrated overall solutions and workstation solutions for successfully designing tasks related to taxation, legal issues, and economics. It is a leading media and software vendor for professional online portals, (cloud computing) applications, e-procurement, online communities, and human resource & organizational development. 

    The main target groups are large and midsize firms, small businesses and freelancers, tax advisers and lawyers, the public sector, real estate agents, and nonprofit organizations. A number of our brands – Haufe, Haufe Academy, and Lexware – are market leaders in these target groups.

    PUG Netherlands

    Progress User Group Netherlands is the association of organizations working with the development environments and/or databases of Progress Software.


    Lasaulec B.V. Since its inception in 1947, it has been a successful technical wholesaler of consumables and tools (MRO articles) for the market segment industry.  The name Lasaulec originated from a contraction of the words Laser Supplies, Autogen and Electric. Look for our specialties and an overview of our total range of Products & Services.  The Lasaulec organization can be briefly characterized as fast, complete, reliable and practical. Mission By delivering quickly, completely and reliably, Lasaulec B.V. To grow into the main supplier of MRO products in the business-to-business market. Unique in technology! To promote the brand Lasaulec, our slogan is "Unique in Technology!"


    Providing support in over 65 countries, their expertise and control solutions enable them to provide consistently high quality pest control services across the globe.


    Optitrade Logistics Center is the purchasing platform for independent opticians, resulting from a unique collaboration between the family company Friederichs and the retail organization Optitrade, which has 600 optical shops connected. From our logistics center in Heemstede we provide the purchase and distribution of contact lenses and contact lens fluids to customers throughout the Netherlands. We believe in the power of collaboration by bundling purchasing volume. By distinguishing ourselves in logistics service we help independent opticians to respond to a rapidly changing market. Optitrade Logistics Center is now also part of Essilor, the world market leader in the field of spectacle lenses.


    Kras is an all-round and versatile travel organization, which is allowed to take care of the holiday for more than 300,000 passengers annually. Our product range is very diverse, varying from well-organized excursion and round trips, car trips, cruises, beach holidays, single trips to sports holidays to more than 70 countries in the world. Every day new trips are developed by us, making Kras one of the most dynamic organizations in the country. On February 23, 2017, Kras celebrated its 95th anniversary.


    Topicus is focusing on developing digital solutions that increase the self-reliance of citizens. They focus on better, accessible care, transparent finance, sound education and a healthy relationship with the government. They use the latest technology to build brilliant ICT solutions. Almost everyone in the Netherlands comes into contact with their progressive digital products.

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    With a workforce of over 3800 people and subsidiaries on all continents, TVH is the ambitious worldwide market leader in replacement parts and accessories for material handling and industrial vehicles, new and second-hand forklifts, new and second-hand aerial work platforms and internal handling equipment. TVH sets the benchmark for continuous innovation and excellence in quality and service in this segment of the industry and remains fully focused on delighting customers and stakeholders.

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    Present Connection

    Present Connection offers professional software development and consulting services to companies from 2012. An experienced programming team based in Kaunas, developes high quality enterprise resource planning softwares, applications, custom solution websites and other type of systems to clients from all over Europe. 

    Our mission is to bring brilliant ideas to digital life by providing high quality software development services. We support our customers by making their businesses more efficient and effective. 

    Our vision is to increase the value of our company by putting development process to the next level of quality there the customers‘ ideas meet the best possible solutions provided from our talented professionals.

    Imperial Tobacco

    Imperial Tobacco, part of the FTSE 30 company – Imperial Brands PLC, is a global business with a challenger mindset, big ambitions and bigger opportunities. They offer consumers comprehensive brand choice through a leading portfolio of cigarette, cigar, fine tobacco and papers and tubes brands.

    Havi Logistics

    HAVI offers expertise in procurement, warehousing, distribution and freight management to help customers move the right products to the right place at the right time – and much more.

    HAVI is a global, privately owned company focused on innovating, optimizing and managing the supply chains of leading brands. Offering services in supply chain management, packaging, logistics and recycling & waste, HAVI partners with companies to address challenges big and small across the supply chain, from commodity to customer. Founded in 1974, HAVI employs more than 10,000 people and serves customers in more than 100 countries.

    We Match It

    Being able to understand the context and goals is the starting point of any great project. The Wayfare team proved to have the right skills, dedication and flexibility to deliver the required results. We were the first customer of Wayfare and we will certainly commit to a long lasting relationship with this great company.

    Bas Cornelissen - Director


    Job portal for IT industry


    Directly connect Jobseekers and Employers by removing the intermediaries (recruitment agencies)



    Automate is a South-African based company creating an ERP system specific for the automotive market. They had an application that was managing these processes that was developed in DWP framework + Progress v10.

    Due to DWP licensing costs, Automate was looking for an alternate solution to move forward therefore they have partnered with Wayfare to choose the right alternative. The solution provided led to a migration of the application to Progress v11.5 + Smart Component Library framework and a .Net frontend (Infragistic).

    Wayfare was responsible of the architecture, integration design, implementation and maintenance of the newly migrated application.

    EMEA PUG Challenge

    The project

    Competition presentation website, including ticketing and reservations system. Build using Progress Sitefinity CMS.

    PUG Challenge

    PUG Challenge is a conference for everyone who uses Progress products to develop or run business systems, whether they be developers, software architects, database administrators, infrastructure specialists, business analysts or sales people.


    AKIOMA Software develops solutions for the sales of complex products which need explanation. The main target is to simplify and accelerate processes. 


    o   creation and management of complex offers

    o   product management and the codeless deployment of web-based product configurators

    o   products are available in the cloud, as hybrid or private

    Holland Art Gallery


    • Presentation and contest Websites


    • Develop a presentation websites for the design contests, including a voting system. It’s an annual competition.


    We are a growing company and we don’t have enough resources in the Netherlands to hire. That’s why we chose to nearshore. We are growing fast and making more software products and Wayfare is giving us the possibility to have this flexible team as part of our company. It gives us the chance to scale up the team, if needed. The team members are young but well organized and with high expertise. They started very fast with the project and after only one month we already had the benefits of their work. They are very interested to learn and to know the project, in depth. What I like the most is the fact that even the teams are in 2 different countries, the communication between them is just great. We really feel that they are part of our company.

    I would recommend them because of their flexibility, which allows you to scale up very fast, and because of the high quality of work which is delivered.

    Jos Koppelaar - Owner

    CareConnections is a fast-growing startup in Care, based in Leusden, with a passion for healthcare and technology. This combination has ensured that there is an app developed for care. This app called “Zorgapp” reduces the administrative burden of the healthcare professional, and therefore provides more time to take care of the client involved. This ensures that work can be done more efficiently and thus can reduce costs.

    Care Connections has the healthcare professional in mind. The key question is what healthcare professionals need on a daily basis during the care for the client. The continuing contact between Care Connections and the care professional via the “Zorgapp” is optimized continuously.

    There can be a win-win-win situation for the health care, the health care professional and the client.


    Eclipse Legal Systems


    Vermont Systems



    De Jong Intra Vakanties










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    Allowing customers to easy calculate and create insurance policies.
    Receiving offers based on sent data
    Analyze policies request.

    Hi Systems
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    Brantano was established in Belgium in 1953 and started as a family run business. A small factory shop was later opened and the foundations of the Brantano chain of stores began. In the early eighties a new concept store was born. Keywords were low prices, plenty of choice, self-service, big retail space and parking lot. Since 2008 Brantano became a part of the Macintosh Retail Group and counts now 133 stores in BeLux. Our main aim is to provide our customers with a unique shopping experience and to offer good quality products at prices suitable for everyone's pocket.

    Red Bee Media


    Wereldhave invests in dominant convenience shopping centers in larger provincial cities in northwest continental Europe. The area surrounding our centers will include at least 100,000 inhabitants within 10 minutes’ travel time from the center.

    Wereldhave is a closed-end investment company.  Shares in Wereldhave are listed on the Euronext Amsterdam (AMX) stock exchange.


Meet our partners


    Progress has always delivered the platform and tools that organizations need to develop and deploy mission-critical business applications.

  • With the Build.One platform and its Blueprint Technology, Build.One aims to transform business application development. Build.One strives to help organizations to better differentiate while focusing on what they do best: Their own business. The goal is to enable companies and teams to build any application - complex or simple - tailored to specific needs. In doing so, Build.One helps enterprises, software vendors, agencies and developers come up with smarter and more flexible solutions. Build.One offers all the tools you need to create, deliver and run the most flexible applications for your business.
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  • Is a medium-sized IT service provider that thinks and advises on the architecture of applications

    I think that the most exciting thing are the people themselves. The people I met and talked with are bringing a big contribution to the company. Because they are very open, we expect from them to be proactive, to react and to come with new ideas. I think that makes the collaboration a mutual success. The positive attitude was also a big and welcomed surprise. We chose to start the collaboration with Wayfare because we knew that they will deliver the expected quality.

    If your project requires a lot of work to be done and if you want to speed up things, then I would recommend Wayfare. They are highly-qualified and they can quickly deliver.

    Siemen Klaver -Director, Owner

    Is a medium-sized IT service provider that thinks and advises on the architecture of applications, developing applications, and improves and ensures through integration solutions for optimal collaboration of IT systems.  

    Why Flusso?


    We work from the vision of your business. Automation should not hinder your ambitions. We understand that you want to undertake especially. Therefore we ensure that technology works for you. And continues to work!


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    IAP provides  technical services to enterprises  as Progress software partners, logistics companies, trading companies, manufacturers, consultants, chains of clinics and chains of DIY stores.