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Easter Bunny at Wayfare

by Madalina Cadis

This years celebration of Easter, our important Christian holiday, gathered our team together in one special workshop. The Easter Bunny was there too! Wait to see what beautiful presents he brought us.

In one sleepy morning, when everyone was working quietly on their computers, the Easter Bunny appeared with a special delivery of cheerful mini trees: beautiful pink Bougainvillea for the ladies and good smelling Rosemary for the gentlemen. The Bunny let Paula and Madalina handle the presents: the girls had to offer each one a flower together with the traditional saying „Happy Easter! / Paste fericit!”

We moved the activity inside. In no time, our training area was full of colourful tools: wood eggs, plastic eggs, watercolours, brushes and a lot of other accessories. Happy-pretty faces appeared all around the workstations and started putting their imagination to work. Not so long after, cute and creative eggs started to fill our Easter Basket. It was a blast!

Thank you creative team for making this day a special one and thank you Bunny for our beautiful presents which will live long to remind us of this magic Easter!

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