The end of the year in time lapse

by Ioana

We had a full and amazing year, with great accomplishments, new projects and a lot of good time.

Time flies easily when you have a well-defined purpose, a strong team and the perfect environment to grow and to develop.

Celebrating us

In no time, one of the most awaited festive event of the year, our joyous Christmas Party had place in a cold night in December, the perfect time to get around and share memories, in a warm atmosphere. Sharing memories, remembering great times together and making new ones, was part of the big picture, our theme party "Let’s take a trip down Memory Lane".

We built together from scratch our Memory Lane Wall with photos gathered in over six years. It was a moment filled with emotions, as we remembered how much fun we had over the years and how strong we grew as a team. Later in the night, we wrote down on pieces of paper our favorite Wayfare moment and put it in a memory jar only to share it one year later within the team.
ShoeBox project

Giving something back to the community has become a tradition starting with the first year of Wayfare. We always had a strong partnership with “Imparte Bucuria” Foundation and once again, together, we played a big part in the Christmas celebration of more than fifty children.

All our colleagues teamed up, and quick as a wink knew what to do and for who to prepare the gift. We gang up in our main quarter and together we packed all presents, wrapping them with colorful Christmassy paper. In the end, we were so happy to see our people so involved and so many gifts prepared for the little ones.
Celebrating Christmas
with the Wayfare kids

This year we wanted to find the perfect place for our kids to have fun, a place where they can run and play without worries. Skai Urban Crag was that perfect place, equipped for indoor climbing, zip lining and a lot of adventurous activities that kids loved.

Everything there was in motion, even the Santa Claus who made his entry down the zip line, while captivating all the attention. The kids were mesmerized, following Santa with their big eyes. After the big entry, presents were given, while carols were sung.
The end of the training program,
the beginning of a new journey

Since everything comes to an end, so did our Progress OE Training Program. 9 awesome and enthusiastic juniors ended our training experience with big achievements.

They invested a lot of hard work in their final project and it paid off. With a fresh perspective and ready to leave a mark, they joined our journey.

Needless to say, we started the new year

with a lot of energy, ready to invest it in new projects and prepared to face new challenges.

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