Happy 5th anniversary!

We took advantage of the 5th anniversary of Wayfare and challenged Anda and Wim to share their honest thoughts about what these years meant for them. Without any hesitation, they accepted our challenge and shared their experience of building Wayfare from the ground up with the help of our team, to whom they send their deeply appreciation.

To our colleagues,

6th of August 2012. This was the day we decided to use all our knowledge, abilities, experience and resources, to put our hopes and dreams together towards a higher purpose: building Wayfare. We knew it would be difficult, but we were very confident that we would succeed to make this journey a success.

We knew each other for a long time already, since 1998, but we had never actually worked together. Despite all that, it very soon became clear to us that we share the same moral and ethical values and the same vision on what Wayfare is heading towards. We had a lot of challenges throughout this period and in most cases, we managed to make decisions with which both of us felt comfortable. Maybe our decisions weren’t always the best ones business-wise, but every time we took a very close consideration of the impact on the people involved. We strongly believe that, the fact that we share the same values and beliefs regarding the way in which a business should be run, has been and still is our key ingredient.

How difficult was it? Let’s say it was not at all easy, especially in such a dynamic market. We’ve taken high risks, which sometimes has put us under high pressure. When our first potential customers visited us, all we had was a nice building filled with some furniture and some hardware. It wasn’t easy to convince them that we were capable to onboard the professionals that they were looking for. But we managed to get their trust. It was also not all that easy to persuade our first colleagues that, although we didn’t have any customer yet, we would be capable of attracting nice and challenging projects to Wayfare, with customers that will see in us a partner, not merely an executant. But we made it happen.

Our first two customers have signed the contracts with Wayfare on the same day, on November 7th, 2012 and both projects have started in December 2012. December 2012 was also the month in which our first two colleagues joined our team. We are thankful they did it and that they are still part of the team! But, contrary to expectations, this was actually the easiest part, the one that came naturally. The difficult part was on the point to begin. Growing a company, create continuity in the business, make sure we create a competitive working environment, are all challenges with their own dynamics.

We felt very fortunate that very clever and highly skilled people soon joined our team. We are grateful for the trust you put in us and for the courage you had to join a brand-new company. We are also grateful to the customers, who believed in our capacity of delivering the expected results. The rest of the story you already know, you were and still are a part of it. Everything that Wayfare has become today is the result of our joint efforts, of our commitment and of the expertise that each of us has brought into the company. We shared many things together, we’ve learned priceless lessons and we achieved a lot. We are very proud of it.

Where will Wayfare be tomorrow? That’s all up to us!  We like what we see now. A very strong culture built by skillful and reliable people, open-minded and most of them enthusiastic and passionate, true team-players, supportive with colleagues and with clients. We are very happy to see commitment to the agreed objectives, respect and care for our colleagues and for our customers. Let’s continue what we have started! Be courageous, take initiative and be ready to take responsibility for them, be enthusiastic and committed in everything you do, be rational but also empathic with our customers and, why not, be a dreamer and push your limits to reach your dreams.

As for us, we will always be ready to share our thoughts, life experience, knowledge and achievements with you. Please do the same and you will find support on our side.

Thank you all for being part of the team, for everything you do, every day, for Wayfare!

Anda and Wim

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