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Time flies when you are in a good company and doing what you like

Spring Time

When you think about March, Spring pops into your mind, and along with it, the rebirth of nature, little birds singing outside, the rays of sun touching your face and giving you that warm feeling that says winter is finally over. This year, Spring came with a sweet surprise here at Wayfare: Macarons for everyone! Talk about a perfect way to start the day!
Whoever said that Mondays are bad, doesn't know what he's talking about.

Women's Day

But when you think about the 8th of March, flowers come in mind, pastel colors and all the women who surround us. Inspiration and creativity are all around the place. It's a moment dedicated to celebrate all women and of course, our hard-working Wayfare girls, who always seem to give their best and make us constantly proud.

We let our inspiration take over so,

to celebrate our girls, we hit started the 5th of March with a little something to put a smile on their faces.
Even though it was a blue day because of the rainy weather outside, we knew our small gift will brighten the day. We surprised them with a colorful flower bouquet and instantly the day became better. Flowers always seem to bring a ray of light and a warm smile to the person who receives them, but also to the one giving them.
Of course we are grateful for our wonderful boys too, and in order to show our appreciation, in both our headquarters’ kitchens, we left something sweet for them to enjoy. Mini donuts and cannoli seemed like the right choice.
The day was getting better and better, as at the end of our working program, us girls, gathered in a cozy place, and surrounded by books, beautiful, creative women and good vibes, we participated in a succulent terrarium building workshop. As we listened to the guidance and instructions given to us, we started crafting our own plant arrangement. We enjoyed our time together, and I actually think we created something beautiful.

Some thoughts at the end of this article?

Stay happy and make the things you like, with the people you enjoy spending time with!

Oana Zdrenghea.Jr. Employee Experience and Administrative Officer

People oriented person passionate about writing, reading, traveling and a forever animal lover.

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