My Internship

by Ela Hățăgan

Stressed about what you are going to do next summer? Or just interested in a new and exciting learning experience? Well then, Wayfare is the right place for you!

I'm Ela and this was exactly me this spring.
So, I decided that it was the right time for me to do something for my career and start searching for a new experience that would help me evolve professionally by learning new things. Well, easier said than done.

I was a Computer Science student at Babes-Bolyai University at the end of my second year. Going through the process of filtering the offers and choosing to apply to the ones I liked, it got me really confused about what I was searching for.
But I got lucky when a friend told me about an internship offer at the company where he was working, Wayfare. The description had me captivated from the start, so I went for it.
The 8 weeks of internship went by so fast! We learned Progress OpenEdge,a new technology that wasn’t familiar to me at that moment. We started with basics of Progress OpenEdge, all the way to creating a full-stack application using different tools and applying different concepts. Besides the technical matters, we also developed our abilities to work in a team by helping each other and let’s say, it wasn't easy! We had to really struggle through some tasks, but it was all worth it.
As for the trainers, you might think that having 5 or 6 people to teach you can be confusing, but it actually was really helpful hearing all of their different perspectives on solving issues and approaching tasks. They were always open to every question we had, even if they already answered it before. They took us in as their own colleagues from day one. All around us, in the office, there were motivational quotes which pushed us to try even more. And there was always a Friday kind of atmosphere at the office, relaxed and friendly.
My biggest fear when I started this internship was that I couldn’t keep up with the work pace and that I would be too overwhelmed. But I can honestly say that it was not the case. With a bit of motivation and perseverance, hard work and a lot of passion, everything was possible. You don't need a fancy background when you are motivated and have initiative.
I can say that this internship was the highlight of my summer. I gained self-confidence, I learned a new technology, I made a lot of friends and I also had fun!

Basically, I learned how to Progress.
You should definitely try it too!

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