One wild day in nature

by Ioana Chelmuș

Imagine this: you have one sunny day, you add to that some great people and then you take them on a wild journey, where they can test their limits, their physical condition and of course, where they can have a lot of fun working together. Guess what? This is what we did, and the result was even better than we expected it to be. After a week of hard work, Friday came, it was the perfect moment to Escape the City, this being even the name of our Teambuilding.

We must say that the weather played a little bit with us, because throughout the day it rained for a couple of times, but eventually the sun broke through the clouds and we quickly teamed up at the cars and started to pursue our little adventure.

We arrived at Gecko Park which is part of a bigger place named Moara de Vant, a little zoo with wild animals like raccoons, mountain sheep, wild cats and a lot more. When we entered the park, our inner child came out to play: we started to pet the animals, make funny voices to them and take pictures, but in fact, we were impatient to venture in the woods. Some of us were doing this for the first time and started with the easy route marked with the yellow colour, but most of us went on the green route, the medium one, and this is when the fun started!

Gecko Park is that place that succeeds in catching you with wide eyes and open mouth. We were truly amazed by the beauty of it. The big, green trees were filled with ropes and all kinds of tricky routes made to test our limits and strong character.

The fact is that we laughed a lot but, we teamed up and we ended the routes safe and sound.

We all had our fears, but when we were up in the trees we’ve become one big team and we helped each other to overcome the obstacles and move forward.

This game really helped us to reconnect and act together as one, and if we were to say, this was our purpose from the beginning.

It was a really great time to enjoy the nature

and what it has to offer, and it was one happy team day out
of the many more to come for our #WayfarePeople !

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