Our Services

Wayfare can help you in addressing successfully the challenges that you encounter.

Nowadays for business executives it is vital to understand the way in which technology is going to impact the business. Is a rapid changing world, so there is always a need to adapt, to develop new functionalities.
New devices, new technologies, new general purpose software become available and have an impact on the functionalities that have already been built.
Our extensive and proven expertise can provide technical vision to your business vision and together we can find the most innovative and cost-effective solution.
Our goal is to support the full life-cycle for development, support and maintenance of applications and software programs.
Our main focus is on modern technologies like Progress Open Edge (BPM, Corticon), .Net, Java, Sky & Cloud Computing, Enabling Tablets & Smart Phones. We are used to working in a hybrid environment, connecting to already existent systems, because we have learned that integration of different environments is key to using the strengths of each environment. – Integration towards a web (shop) front end, integration with social media, integration with payment systems.

By bringing together the right components in one environment will enhance the productivity; therefore we’ll have a more efficient and effective way of using resources.