Our Products

Our products reflect our commitment to delivering exceptional customer experience,
while exploring how technology can be used to mold our creative ideas into real solutions for identified needs.


Is your Progress database GDPR compliant?   Wayfare understands the importance of the privacy and protection of data. To help you be GDPR compliant, we can provide you the tool, the resources and the support needed for the anonymization and masking of your production Progress database, keeping your personal data secure and untraceable from the test environment.


Do you have an internet connection? Then it works! On every device: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, Wayman is a user-friendly application, with customizable dashboards to effortlessly automate processes, eliminate spreadsheet dependency and email frequency. You manage your employees, projects, finances, and resources, in a structured and secure environment.


Can you imagine the impact of your 4GL code?
A visual representation of how the code changes affect and spread into your whole application would definitely help you. CrossWay is a custom-built tool with the main purpose of gathering the files’ cross-reference information starting with a certain file within the 4GL code of an OpenEdge application and producing a graphical output, easy to be read and understood, both from a technical and a functional perspective. Being able to visualize ahead the impact of changing a single file in a whole application becomes due especially when the application business model requires strict control of the released changes.