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On every device: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, Wayman is a user-friendly application, with customizable dashboards to effortlessly automate processes, eliminate spreadsheet dependency and email frequency. You can easily manage your employees, projects, finances, and resources, in a structured and secure environment that enables you to optimize the way you use your resources and therefore to increase your
organizational efficiency. Accessible via a web browser and a mobile app in the future, from any location around the world, it can integrate with your current ERP system, clocking application or any other 3rd party application when an API is available, with Active Directory, Outlook and Gmail calendars, and any Cloud, CDN service.

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What can Wayman do for you?

Employees Database
People data & analytics

With the use of Wayman you can now track all the sensitive information you gather throughout the employee life cycle in an organized, secure and centralized database. Forget about paperwork, time-consuming processes, multiple spreadsheets, and different platforms and use that time to focus on important issues like employee engagement, retention, talent development and more. In one database, you’ll have all the information you need to keep your organization running smoothly.

Store employee’s personal information and personal documents as well as their contract information;
Track and manage their attendance (timesheet and time tracking, time-off requests, team holiday schedule, attendance reports, and analytics);
Easily create your team CVs with a catchy design;
Showcase your team power using technical/soft/language skills matrix;
Create your organization chart with roles, hierarchy, and responsibilities;
Visually display each employee’s location throughout your offices;
Make use of people data analytics that help improve your organization.

Customers &
projects management

Increase your company performance by tracking all your projects in one place, and by monitoring their performance and profitability with insightful KPI reporting. Get an overview of your entire projects portfolio or stay up to date with the details of each project, including:

The project status and timeline;
Time spent and billed;
Team members roles and allocation planning;
Budgets/incomes tracking and invoice issuing;
Expenses and suppliers monitoring;
Stored contracts files.

Talent management

Track, evaluate and hire the best candidates as quickly as possible with the recruiting module. It gives you the advantage of keeping applicants information organized through every phase of hiring so you can focus on finding the right people for your company and creating a great candidate experience while consolidating your employer of choice position within the market.
Track and manage candidates’ profiles and applications;
Manage recruiting projects for your open positions using custom workflows;
Evaluate rapidly and consistently the technical skills of your candidates with easily customizable assessment;
Collaborate and hire as a team: add custom permissions to your team to get their input at any stage in the hiring process;
Make better hiring decisions with consistent feedback from the evaluator;
Let the power of reports and analytics help you improve your hiring process, candidate experience and maximize team collaboration.

Performance management

Continuous performance development with transparent goal setting and on-going feedback is vital for any organization. Built to help organizations stay agile, Wayman’s performance management solution automates the performance management process and offers key features like:
Performance management, based on skills assessment, towards expected competences ;
Performance improvement through individual development plan setting with goals scheduling and progress tracking;
Reports and analytics providing powerful insights for the HR about the training and development needs and the performance of the team.

Asset management

Keep track of all your assets (hardware equipment, software licenses, etc.) with the asset management feature.
Having a thorough process in place will empower you to make data-backed, strategic decisions about acquiring new assets, which will lead to cutting unnecessary expenses.

Onboarding tool

A successful onboarding experience sets the stage for a long-term, highly productive employee. Make your onboarding process organized and efficient with:
Pre-onboarding process for each department (HR, IT, Accounting), so the first day goes as smoothly as possible for the new team member;
Align your new hires with insightful information/documents stored in Wayman about your mission, purpose, and values and keep them engaged with clear, transparent goals for their first 30, 60, 90 days.
Optimize the way you use your resources &
increase your organization’s efficiency with WAYMAN!

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