Progress-ing fast

by Cristiana Dumitru

Course: OpenEdge pre-employment training
Period: March 20th, 2017 – May 20th, 2017

Hours of work, motivation, friendship, fun and last but not least, Progress! In just few words – Spring Wayfare training. Another 8 students checked the 2 months experience at Wayfare and made the first steps in their future career. They had the opportunity to interact with professionals and to get involved in a real IT project.

Our Supermentors changed the rules this time

No more individual projects
  • "When I applied for this training I wanted to gain as much experience as possible. It was a challenge at first but I enjoyed it very much. I would have liked it to last longer. Here I met relaxed and passionate people, also open-minded and interested in answering your questions. I would advise students to apply for future trainings and experiment the Progress technology, I think it is more stable than others and it produces applications of superior quality."
    Diana Şerbu
  • "I really liked the atmosphere here, people are very kind and funny at the same time. Although they came with different ideas, the trainers helped us and gave us answers to all our questions. Thanks to this training, I developed my ability to work in a team and I made many friends here. Me and the other interns had fun together while helping each other with different tasks. Progress itself was and still is a challenge for me, I think it’s more intuitive than the others programming languages I’ve experienced."
    Marian Salvan
  • "Progress it's an easy-to-use environment, with a lot of included tools. I really enjoyed this training, things were properly explained, the trainers did their job very well. After each course, they gave us many tasks, as in a real project. What I also liked here is the working atmosphere: a very relaxed one."
    Szilard Varro
  • "It was a cool experience! What I liked the most is the fact that we worked on this project as if it was a real one. More exactly we learned how to structure a project using Progress. This technology is easy to learn, I didn’t know anything about it until now. I learned a lot about databases, I would have liked to learn even more but the time didn’t allow us. The team is great, the trainers are cool and friendly, they didn’t act superior at all and this matters a lot for the beginners."
    Cătălin Pop
  • "The last two months have been an interesting and unique experience, my time at Wayfare was unforgettable. I got to work with a great team and I learnt from enthusiast and charismatic trainers. Progress was a new and challenging technology for me, but I embraced it in my time at Wayfare and I got to really enjoy working with it. I’m grateful that I also got to improve my skills regarding databases and OOP and I’m sure that this experience will be of use in the future."
    Alexandru Traşcă
  • "For me, the two months of training at Wayfare were marked by a relaxing environment, with great people who always gave a helping hand when needed. This experience was useful both professionally and to developing my teamwork skills. From my point of view, the technology used by Wayfare – Progress OpenEdge - consists in a powerful, well-structured language that is characterized by promptness and complexity, a language which you can learn and code very fast."
    Ştefan Vacareanu
  • "I really enjoyed this experience, it was useful for me because it helped me develop my teamwork abilities. At the beginning the Progress OpenEdge technology was strange for me, but then I got used to it because it began to look like the other technologies I worked with. I liked the company, the people and the building too!"
    David Dolha
  • "From this training I had expectations that were exceeded, I liked it very much! Basing on the information I have accumulated so far, in my opinion, Progress can be a fresh start. I liked the trainers too, although they are not our age they have a young soul. They were nice and very open, they helped us to open ourselves, too."
    Sergiu Bălăucă

Dear interns, congratulations for your effort and perseverance!

Thumbs up to our dedicated trainers – Adam, Vali, Mihai, Vasile and Daniel. You’ve all done good!

Dear student/recent graduated, you can be part of this project too!

If you enjoy challenges and want to learn a new technology check out our website and you will discover new training opportunities.

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