Our ROAWRING Christmas Party

by Mădălina Cadiș

What happens when jazzy music, magic hats and black girly dresses are reunited in one little cozy ballroom?!
Let me tell you: It’s Wayfare Christmas Party 2016!

This year we decided that we need to celebrate properly – with an epic party full of good music, eats ...and treats. So this season’s theme was PROHIBITION.

17 th December

Saturday, 4 pm, dress code - black and white. On jazz rhythms, our guests were welcomed in a mystic manner by the popular character of the 20s - Charlie Chaplin- It was nice to meet you, Charlie! Thank you for doing your part!
The Decor

The decor was mesmerizing. Black and white balloons, exquisite-arranged tables, chandeliers and a photo area. They all brought the mystery and the opulence of the twenties.
The Guests

But the guests were definitely the most special. The boys wore elegant suits, hats and braces or neckties. Girls were even more extravagant with inspired party dresses, high heels, well defined curls and flapper headbands.
The Dance

The most awaited part of the night - the dance! Wayfare people are party lovers for sure! Dressed in 20’s style, we danced for hours using our best moves.

Pirouettes over here, the Charleston over there, poker games, shots,broad smiles – oh boy, did we mention that it was ONE EPIC NIGHT? Without any doubt, we had a night of pure entertainment, with a sparkly extravagance that marked the twenties in a perfect way.

Thank you Wayfare Team for another great party !

The decor, the outfits, the dancing, the glamour, all combine created a mesmerizing Prohibition Party which marked the end of another successful year.

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