Emea Pug Challenge
29TH - 31ST OCTOBER, 2019

in a Bubble

Hola! I’ll try to be short. Time is priceless!

I had the pleasure to attend the annual EMEA PUG Challenge conference as a speaker!
It’s my first visit to this event and I can not lie, this opportunity got me out from comfort zone. The idea of public speaking terrified me for such a long time, frightened but excited me: imagine all this as a sparkle in a bubble.

The Venue

The host of this year’s conference was Barcelona, the Catalan capital, an avant-garde and cosmopolitan destination with more than two thousand years of history. Passionate about art, the city was a true delight for my eyes, as far as I could visit. The Hesperia Tower Hotel had everything necessary to host an event of such a scale.

The Conference

For 3 days there were 9 halls of varying capacity simultaneously hosting sessions and workshops. Sponsored by Progress and its partners, like Wayfare, EMEA PUG Challenge had the vibe of a huge well organized event with so many choices, mostly around Progress technologies, but methodologies & UX design.

Kinvey Chatbot

One of my favorite workshops was about building an AI-driven Chatbot with Kinvey Chat, held by Miguel Saez. I learned how to build a fully functioning chatbot from scratch. All started with a scenario and a list of conversations. Even though I'm not a Progress developer, I figured out how to train the neural network so that my chatbot can learn while talking to it and giving clear information regarding my requests. If you are interested in this topic, please take a look at this tutorial and try it on Kinvey bots platform.

Progress CVP

Another great session Progress Customer Validation Program held by Rob Straight has broadened my horizon regarding Progress world. The goal of this program is to gather customers feedback on features and priorities, product designs, prototypes, release candidates, go-to-market and the post-sales experience that help Progress community to improve & evolve, through Aha Ideas Portal(coming soon).

Last but not last

Design Sprint: tangible progress for companies session held by me
was an introductory talk about Design Sprint process and how could be implemented within organizations.
Using design, prototyping and testing ideas, Design Sprint becomes in just five days a great tool for projects, products or a whole company to solve critical issues. Instead of losing time, money and resources over an indefinite period, these sprints shape a safe and less expensive path to the ultimate goal. I was happy to see so many attendees engaged!
Especially my session was scheduled Thursday morning, right after EMEA Halloween Party. Great party: beautiful live music, games and drinks! Teaching people new things gives you immense joy. I had no idea until then! Those three days were for me like a roller coaster, but I enjoyed all the support from my team! I am deeply grateful to be part of #wayfarepeople

So I strongly encourage you
do not miss such an opportunity in the near future.

Thank you!


Daliana NicolauUi/UX Designer

Passionate about art, Daliana is a talented and creative girl,
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