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About our Customer


Vermont Systems is the leading provider of recreation management software and services. Founded in 1985, Vermont Systems has been committed to developing innovative software products for managing recreation and parks operations for municipal, county, state and federal military governmental entities.

Vermont Systems recreation management platforms provide clients full operational management, payment management and experience management to create consistent community experiences, enhance loyalty with every interaction, and connect all key activities, employees and customers in one place to create efficiencies and make real connections.

The Product



In response to evolving industry needs, Vermont Systems initiated a three-phased strategy, focusing on transforming its client-based product into a SaaS solution. This strategic move ensures Vermont Systems remains a leader in the niche market, delivering optimal solutions aligned with customer requirements.

The Challenge



Vermont Systems faces the challenge of maintaining its leadership position, expanding its customer base, innovating within the domain, and upgrading existing customers to the latest application version.

Technology Stack




  • Progress;
  • OpenEdge RDBMS;
  • Progress OpenEdge Developer Studio;
  • Progress 4GL;
  • SonarCube;
  • JavaScript;
  • JQwery;
  • Vue.js;
  • GIT.

Team Structure & Methodology



The project is powered by a team structure that values collaboration and uses agile methodologies to improve communication and cooperation. This way, we ensure successful and straightforward implementation of complex development projects. Using tools like Jira and Confluence enhances the collaboration between team members.





Remarkable milestones were achieved throughout this project with the involvement of all parties:

  • Migration to OpenEdge 12 and PASOE;
  • Improved performance and usability;
  • Introduction of automated testing processes;
  • Successfully integrated into team structures;
  • Facilitated the implementation of Scrum Agile practices;
  • Conducted research and development on SonarCube rules;
  • Performed database analysis and tool adoption;
  • Updated Vue.js Framework to a newer version.


I see Wayfare crew just as part of our team, as anybody internally. They could be sitting right next to us; we treat them like another teammate. They do it in a way that is fun and team-oriented. Wayfare has a great group of fun, hardworking, and responsive people. They have a solid group of team members.

Andy Bose
Director of Development, Vermont Systems

We selected Wayfare because they offered both the required Progress experience and the project and resource flexibility we were seeking. What’s more, Wayfare has gone above and beyond to help us achieve our project milestones. The project team has really owned the project, including onboarding. The trainees, became the trainers.

Joe Bourassa
Director of QA & Documentation, Vermont Systems

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