Teamwork unlocked.
Hackathon 1.0

by Ioana Zdrenghea

For us, this past weekend was all about Innovation, Commitment, and Teamwork: we hosted our first hackathon edition, 24 hours of collaborative innovation and a fun way to push our boundaries.
All elements of a perfect competition were present these 2 days: great ideas, awesome people, many laughs and good vibes. The teams involved surpassed all expectations in these 24 hours of hard work and excitement.

We can proudly say that our Wayfarers are all so talented and determined that when they set their mind on something, there is nothing else standing in their way.

They inspired us by embracing, encouraging and
celebrating teamwork

while committing to deliver something creative, innovative, useful and meaningful for all Wayfare team members.
It all started on Saturday morning. We energized ourselves with a cup of coffee while preparing the workspace for what it turned out to be the greatest hackathon. As the countdown began, all 4 teams were prepared to win the challenge.

What we admired the most, were the positive vibes and the fact that everybody was so into it. They were fully immersed in developing the best app, while at the same time having lots of fun.

After a first session of hacking, we feasted on a great breakfast, so we could continue the day on the right foot. There was no time to lose, so the teams returned to what they do the best: coding.

But, the greatest thing about the Hack contest was that all the players managed to combine their commitment and dedication for their work and their desire to have a good time, so we laughed a lot, joked and listened to music.

In the evening we had a pizza and donuts break to keep the energy going for the brainstorming and ideas’ implementation.

At some point in the night everybody got tired, but they didn’t want to give up, managing to get through the night to what it followed to be the end of our first session of Hackathon.
The jury had a really tough job to do in the end. All the enthusiasm, energy and hard work paid off, all the developed apps looked very good and had really useful functionalities. Dream Crushers were the official winning team. Congrats, guys! You did a really nice job! George, Cosmin, Alina, Alex, Darius, Vali, Tudor, Cata, Nico, Dali, Dora, Ovidiu never lose your curiosity and always commit to keep learning.

In our hearts, you are all winners and
we are very proud of you.

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