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2019 was an exciting year for all of us. We have seen significant changes in our way of working, had a lot of fun and created new bonds. We are happy to share with you some of our colleagues' thoughts as we already stepped into 2020.

"At the beginning of 2019, I was just starting working here at Wayfare. It has been a very complex, challenging, interesting and full year for me, seeing as this was my first job and it gave me the opportunity to gain some perspective and grow into myself as a Junior Software Developer. I can say that this was a very rewarding year at Wayfare. Even from the first day of work we were warmly welcomed and introduced to all of our colleagues.
Along the year I encountered multiple challenges: during our training period, learning different technologies and methodologies from our teammates, and then on the first commercial project I worked on. In the mid part of the year, I was offered the opportunity to take part in the Summer internship and even later in the year the Fall-Winter Internship, this time as a trainer instead of a trainee. This was an amazing opportunity for me, being able to pass on to the new interns the information I received when I was in their position, helping people out with solving different issues they encountered also helped me a lot as a developer, gaining a better understanding of how different things worked.
In October, I encountered yet another challenge, the Wayman mobile app. Knowing almost nothing about React Native, but having worked before with JavaScript-based technologies, the process started slow, but soon I was able to learn enough so that I could help with the development of the application and come up with a first version of the app in just a few months.
To wrap it up, I had an amazing experience until now at Wayfare, meeting nice people, making friends, learning new technologies, expecting new challenges around every corner and getting involved in as many things as I could, but also having a lot of fun along the way. To me, going to work is the best part of the day, doing what I enjoy, working in a nice, challenging and entertaining environment, and spending time with the amazing #WayfarePeople."

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