Here is a little bit about us

& our appreciation thoughts of 2018

Did you ever stood at your desk and surprised yourself thinking about how lucky you are to be part of a great team, or how much you grew because you had the right colleagues who supported you every step along the way ?

" First of all, Wayfare isn’t perfect, just like us. Wayfare doesn’t offer you a large palette of technologies to work with. Wayfare is Progress with some spices on the sides. But, at the same time Wayfare allows you to bring innovation in a place where it happened many years ago and since then there is a lack of it. For this I am very grateful. For me, last year was a carousel. I’ve learned a lot of new and interesting things, developed existing skills and understood that something that is clear today, maybe tomorrow will be changed or scraped at all. But, in the end (it doesn’t even matter), even though Wayfare isn’t perfect, it is perfect for me. You have the freedom to learn, you have people who are willing to share their knowledge and are willing to help you in achieving your goals. You just have to say loud and clear what you want, and the people here will help you achieve that. " - Vali

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