Stertil is an international company headquartered in the North of the Netherlands, with a long-standing history in the metal production industry. Stertil develops, manufactures, markets and sells products worldwide for the vehicle lifting and loading bay industries.

The Stertil Group continually invests in research and development in product innovation, to help their clients with their daily technical challenges.


To improve business results and for digitization purposes on the production floor, Stertil needed to evolve and modernize their facility processes. They needed a tool to bring their ERP on the production floor, in such a way that it is user-friendly and effective for their production workers who needed to register their hours correctly.

“Our ERP system is not very user-friendly, for all our workers, so we needed something that would make it easier for them to do things directly in the ERP system, leaving behind all the paperwork.” – said Herrien Bisschop, Head of Information Technology & DPO @ Stertil.

In a few words, the digitization of their ERP system, combining all functions to have all they needed in one place and with easy access.


Before resorting to outsourcing, Stertil took their own ERP system into consideration, but that idea was quickly dismissed since it was far too complex.

Another solution was low code – building a low code environment that fits the company’s needs. This idea was also dismissed because it would bring a big mess on the backend side.

From an IT perspective, the best way to do it correctly and professionally was by creating a mock-up for a web interface. They needed a reliable and experienced partner that could work together with the ERP supplier to build a frontend that could be easily used by their workers and quick to learn.


Why Wayfare? “Simply because they had a competent team that was able to digitalize our mock-up, advise us regarding the usability of the web application and having it put into production”. – said Bart Doornkamp, Operations Director/COO @ Stertil Group.

For them it was decisive that Wayfare could start the project immediately, that they understood their vision and their requirements.

The result was an efficient web application that integrates the ERP functions into one screen. This application enables the quick management of production work orders, inventory bookings and the employees’ hours registration. Next to this, one of the key requirements was full cooperation with their ERP supplier consultancy agency, to have a smooth implementation and sustainable integration to their backend.


Now, Stertil is refitting the work in the administration & planning office, as the web application made their work a lot more efficient. “It will give us a huge reduction in the administrative work we have, making it possible for the production leaders to focus more on what’s important for them and not work on administrative tasks, to bring the business forward.”– said Bart Doornkamp, Operations Director/COO @ Stertil Group

What do we expect from future collaboration? More from the above!


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