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Founded in 1985, Vermont Systems has been committed to developing innovative software products for managing recreation and park operations for municipal, county, state and federal military governmental entities.
Their recreation management platforms provide clients fully operational management, payment management, and experience management to create consistent community experiences, enhance loyalty with every interaction, and connect all key activities, employees and customers in one place to create efficiencies and make real connections.


In 2018, Vermont Systems identified 3 key success factors required for continued growth and success. Vermont Systems was focused on accelerating innovation within their industry, strengthening their position as the market leader by expanding their customer base, and driving retention and advocacy with their existing customers by encouraging system application upgrades.


"In the US, Progress experience is tougher to find" explained Andy Bose, Director of Development @Vermont Systems. "We also wanted to have some resource flexibility based on the evolving project requirements."
Vermont Systems had very specific requirements for their project. They needed an efficient way to complete some development which required resources that had an expertise in Progress. Product complexity created additional needs for the team.
Enterprise software, like the operational and payment management platforms Vermont Systems develops, can require a significant amount of time to understand, much less effectively develop within the product.
Vermont Systems required a partner that could quickly ramp up on the product and do so within the scope of time allocated by the project.
"We selected Wayfare because they offered both the required Progress experience and the project and resource flexibility we were seeking. What’s more, Wayfare has gone above and beyond to help us achieve our project milestones. The team we’ve collaborated with has adjusted their working hours, often working late” ( Joe Bourassa, Director of QA & Documentation at VSI )

The project team has really owned the project, including onboarding - the trainees, became the trainers!


Throughout the project, Wayfare collaborated with Vermont Systems on achieving business continuity. The aim of Wayfare was to meet the project requirements while also allowing the Vermont Systems team to maintain productivity and complete other key initiatives. By establishing expertise and trust, Wayfare aligned themselves as an extension of the Vermont Systems team. As Andy Bose said “I see Wayfare crew just as part of our team, as anybody internally. They could be sitting right next to us; we treat them like another teammate.”

Throughout the project, Vermont Systems discovered that Wayfare experts could also assist with JavaScript and UI-related issues that were interfering with the project.“They do it in a way that is fun and team-oriented.”– Joe Bourassa said.


Through this project collaboration with Wayfare, Vermont Systems has migrated to OpenEdge 12 and PASOE, conducted R&D on SonarCube rules, supported tool adoption, implemented Scrum Agile methodology practices, and introduced automated testing processes.

“Along with these achievements, Wayfare has a great group of fun, hardworking, and responsive people. They have a really solid group of team members.” - Andy Bose said.

It has been a great experience so far, and we look forward to achieving even more together - as a team!


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