Since our selection period for our Summer Internship is coming to an end, we thought our future interns
would like a pat on the shoulder from the ones that made it to the end of the tunnel.
We asked them 5 key questions that we think will serve as starter toolkit.
Take a look!

Meet Raul, Danut & Adi who agreed to share
a piece of their mind and journey at Wayfare

What attracted you to Wayfare
when you first applied to the internship?
  • The first thing that caught my eye was what some of the past interns had to say about the internship. It made me feel really motivated and excited, and Wayfare seemed more like a big team that values its people and makes them feel like home. Also, what piqued my interest was the fact that the internship was based on a brand new technology for me. I wanted to grow, learn new things and challenge myself and Wayfare seemed like the best place.
  • The fact that we had the chance to learn a new programming language which we couldn’t study at the university had a really big impact on my decision. It seemed a good idea to me to study something new especially related to databases which always was a point of interest for me. 
  • I was attracted to the fact that I was given the opportunity to learn a new programming language and to meet new people who have the same interests as me (programming and other stuff as well).
Describe Wayfare in 3 words.
  • I find Wayfare very challenging. It was a challenge for me to work on my first projects and there are always lots of things that need to be done and also new areas to discover. There is also a friendly environment. Everybody is nice and happy, they are willing to help us every time. Wayfare is also fun. Even if everyone needs to do their job and have things to do, they still know how to be happy, make jokes, make the environment more pleasant.
  • Inspiring, fun, exciting.
  • I would describe Wayfare as enriching, ambitious and innovative.
What’s the coolest thing
you’ve learnt so far at Wayfare?
  • The Kendo UI Builder and the Quarix framework. It was a challenge when I started working with them, working with Angular, JavaScript and Quarix, each component and class having hundreds or thousands of lines of code was hard at the beginning. I needed a lot of research and documentation in order to understand how everything worked, but in the end, everything paid off when I managed to understand each line of code in the classes used and the purpose of each component, how they worked and what I needed to do in order for the developed apps to work properly. Teamwork was the key for us to learn all the things about the frameworks, we all helped each other when we needed and we had lots of fun working together.
  • I think it would have to be all the new technologies. Typescript, Angular, Kendo and a lot more. But one, in particular, a framework named Quarix was really impressive. I got to work with it on my first project here at Wayfare, and one colleague, who worked on the development of the framework, was also involved. It was really inspiring and cool to learn what it has to offer and work so closely to one of the minds behind such a helpful and interesting tool.
  • Before I have started to work at Wayfare, I was a disorganized person. After having the chance to work here, I became a more organized person, especially when I had my exams at University and I understood that in order to pass them I needed to organize my time much better than before. This thing also helps me a lot in my everyday life and makes it easier.

One difficult and one happy
moment during your internship.
  • One difficult moment was when we were nearing the deadline for our project, and I clearly remember the day when everything crashed, nothing was working as intended, we had a lot of conflicts in our project and there was chaos among the team. Although it seemed like we were doomed, we managed to recompose ourselves and with great teamwork, our combined strengths and determination we managed to get back on track and fix everything in record time. That day I learned how important cooperation and teamwork really is, and that keeping a cool head when under pressure is a must. A happy moment was on the day of the presentation. I was to be the first of the interns to show everyone on what we had been working on and I had to explain the entire project idea and structure and so on. I can’t lie, I was a bit nervous, but after our team was done with the presentation, I couldn’t help but feel quite emotional. Extremely proud of what my team and I have managed to accomplish, relieved that everything went as smoothly as it could, a bit sad when I realized that is was all over, but most importantly, I felt happy, for everything that I had been a part of, for meeting talented and amazing people, for my decision to take a leap of faith and learn a new technology from scratch, and for the fact that I did It right.
  • A difficult moment for me was when we have started working on the internship project because I was a little bit scared because I did not know how things will go and how I will handle my tasks. One happy moment during my internship was when we played a little game, more exactly, we had a list of hobbies and we needed to connect them with the person who has that specific hobby. It was very interesting and I have come to the conclusion that we are very much alike with the same interests and hobbies.
  • Almost at the end of the internship the server for the app we had to implement crashed. It was really upsetting when we had to make the server work again in order to finish the application in time. It required some extra working hours to make sure everything worked at the end. I can’t really say which moment was the happiest, but some of the best moments during our internship was we got to meet the rest of the team and when we present our work, almost everything went smoothly and the app did not crash making it a really happy moment after all the work we did.
How would you describe
your Wayfare journey so far?
  • Even since the beginning, we were all excited about the journey that we had to go through. In the first few days, we started learning a framework in order to implement all the classes we needed for our app. Every day we discovered something new and interesting about it, slowly at first and after some time everything made good sense when we saw how the app we developed was blooming. Soon after this, we started working for the UI of the app using templates and then writing our own code for the functionalities of the application. The journey was inspiring for me, having something to work on and learn different programming languages helped me understand better what I had to do and in the end, I can say that with the help of the Wayfare team I really improved my understanding and programming skills. Also, the breaks were always fun, almost every day we play table tennis or some games and I got to talk a lot with the rest of the people working here, talking about life, work, games, making jokes, I don’t think we had a subject that we did not talk about.
  • I feel like my Wayfare journey so far was one of growth, fun, excitement and a lot of knowledge gathering. I’ve made new friends, learned a lot of new things, from new technologies and frameworks to what teamwork really means and quite a few soft skills, all of which I value highly. More importantly, I learned that this path that I’ve chosen is the right one for me and I couldn’t be more happy with everything that happened from the start and led me to where I am now.
  • I had the opportunity to advance my programming skills, to learn new things, new programming languages, to meet new people and make friends during these months. I can easily say that it was and still is a great experience with lots of challenges. At first, I did not know what to expect and I was kind of afraid of what was going to happen and how was I going to handle the situation, but in the end, everything turned out very good, the team was very nice, understanding, they have always helped me when I needed help.

So join us in this journey full of unexpected twists and turns!

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