Nearshoring enables your company to be more cost-effective, more competitive and more flexible. Using today’s available technology, like video conference facilities, screen sharing, chat, mobile, etc., makes it very easy to work remotely. It is no longer necessary to use onshore resources (in your office) because the nearshore (South-Eastern Europe) gives you the necessary flexibility in sizing the project team against a very competitive price.

Wayfare has chosen to locate its offices in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) because of the great market value given by the high level of qualification of the people working in IT industry and also because of a very good understanding of the Western-European culture. Last but not least, the fact that general EU financial and fiscal regulations are followed also in Romania gives stability and increases the trust of investors.


Progress OpenEdge

OpenEdge® ABL is the complete development platform to build dynamic, business process-enabled applications for secure deployment across any platform, any mobile device, and any Cloud.


.NET is an integral part of many applications running on Windows and provides common functionality for those applications to run on. For developers, the .NET Framework provides a comprehensive and consistent programming model for building applications that have visually stunning user experiences and seamless and secure communication.


Java is the foundation for virtually every type of networked application and is the global standard for developing and delivering mobile applications, games, Web-based content, and enterprise software. With more than 9 million developers worldwide, Java enables you to efficiently develop, deploy and use exciting applications and services.

Sky & Cloud Computing

The Progress Software approach to Cloud computing delivers the agility to respond quickly in a constantly changing business environment and the support to react in an instant to evolving market conditions, customer demands, regulatory changes and even competitors’ tactics.


  • Like someone said: “without black no color has any depth”.  Black is serious, but it also strikes as elegant. Black is something I like to wear and to paint with. It's something I like to start my canvas with, followed by spreading the light through the colors. Every morning, the Wayfare office has the same effect on me: I see this place coming to life in so many beautiful colors - I see #wayfarepeople! After 4 years at Wayfare, all of this still inspires me and makes me wish it becomes a neverending journey.  It's something I felt at the very beginning, and I feel it still. 

  • I have been part of Wayfare for six years already and I've not had a boring day yet. More than that, 2018 was the best year so far. It was about an ongoing effort to build our strong team and bring out the best in our people and in myself. We tackled challenges, changes and we’ve accomplished many achievements along the way, while learning from each and one of them. I am deeply grateful for how much we’ve grown and while reflecting at everything that happened last year, I can only say that my biggest appreciation is for being part of #WayfarePeople. They inspire me, every day, to harness my potential and really make a difference.  Thank you, guys, you’ve been amazing!
  • My first year in the Wayfare team has passed with me enjoying every moment of it. At Wayfare I discovered a young and young-minded community in which I managed to integrate and feel comfortable, beside this I can describe this year as a collection of mixed feelings. In the beginning I was curious and excited about how it will be to work with my new colleagues, how the first commercial project will be, and when it began, I was very pleased because it was full of new stuff to learn. A few months later we finished that project with success and for me it was the time to switch teams, as I was proposed to get involved in another project. Just to wrap it up in fewer words, my experience at Wayfare until now was challenging and entertaining from a professional point of view, and friendly, cozy and fun from a social point of view.
  • For me going to work at Wayfare is the exact opposite of being a daily burden, since Wayfare is a place with great atmosphere and great people, where you are listened. In Wayfare I had the opportunity to work on different projects, multiple technologies. I've met skilled people, weather internal wayfare people or customers, with great vision and skills, that all helped me grow my technical and people-oriented competencies. 2018 was a year in which I was more involved in trainings, I've enjoyed working with enthusiastic interns and sharing my knowledge. 
  • First year in Wayfare has been a great experience.  There are allot of opportunities to develop and to grow as a professional, but at the same time the atmosphere is intimate and close. I feel we are a great mix of ages, beliefs, and personalities that can make any one feels welcomed. I like the companies focus on people development and its focus on the medium and long-term future. 

  • Wayfare is a company that offers an enjoyable and engaging working environment with wonderful and intelligent colleagues. If we go down on the memory lane, I can say that the last year was one of the most rewarding year from the moment I started my Wayfare journey. I was given some great opportunities to grow both professionally and personally during this time. The company is fully invested in helping their employees to grow and you can also feel the support and trust they have in you. I had my moments of doubts which I overcome by having the moral and technical support of my colleagues. There were times when I felt that they had more trust in me than I had, but with their help I managed to overcome the fears I had, and we created some great things together.  
  • First of all, Wayfare isn’t perfect, just like us. Wayfare doesn’t offer you a large palette of technologies to work with. Wayfare is Progress with some spices on the sides. But, at the same time Wayfare allows you to bring innovation in a place where it happened many years ago and since then there is a lack of it. For this I am very grateful.  For me, last year was a carousel. I’ve learned a lot of new and interesting things, developed existing skills and understood that something that is clear today, maybe tomorrow will be changed or scraped at all.  But, in the end (it doesn’t even matter), even though Wayfare isn’t perfect, it is perfect for me. You have the freedom to learn, you have people who are willing to share their knowledge and are willing to help you in achieving your goals. You just have to say loud and clear what you want, and the people here will help you achieve that. 

  • Ever since I began working at Wayfare I knew good things would happen here. We have a great working environment and amazing, fun colleagues. These past years had their challenges, but I think the last one in particular had its fair share of new situations to handle. Although at that moment they probably looked like insurmountable mountains, in the end they were just opportunities to try something new and grow. All along you don't have the time to feel alone or scared of the challenges ahead because the people around you will be there to give you a hand. I hope the new year will be at least as great.  
  • Already 6 years... I still remember the day in which I have entered the building, met Anda, our COO, her presenting the idea and the plans of Wayfare, and me saying “Yes!” with a big smile on my face. One of the best decisions in my life. Still, until this day, I don’t regret my “Yes” from December 2012, not even for a second. I have found here a company where I was able to grow, to learn, to decide and follow my own career path, all these in an open, transparent and continuous collaboration, on all levels. Always, the doors were open, and the “flat” hierarchy ensured that I was always listened and heard. I was challenged, I was guided, I was and always will be attached to this beautiful journey.  2017-2018 were even more decisive years for me, moving from a developer position into a management role, receiving the trust and the tools to do what I like most. I’ve asked for this, Wayfare promised to offer me this, and Wayfare delivered. I can only say a BIG “Thank you”, that I want to write a similar message in 6 years from now, and that I’m grateful for everything. The same BIG “Thank you” also to my colleagues, for their work and commitment, patience and understanding. #WayfarePeople 


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