Legacy systems are migrated to new platforms or apps, often incorporating new functionality to give the organization the newest features. The application architecture may also need to be changed to make it clear which modernization option should be chosen.

There are benefits and risks involved in a modernization project. We will evaluate them and discuss how to do a cost benefit analysis.

We invite you to learn about our approach, interact with our experts, and make an impact in your organization.

Webinar highlights

- The advantages of modernizing and moving your business forward;
- How to assess the need for modernization and the process involved;
- A 4-Step Approach to Software Modernization;
- Business case: A successful customer story.


Mihai is an experienced developer covering a wide range of tech stacks, Team Lead and currently, a Project Manager at Wayfare, focused on technical assessments, project modernization and process improvements.

With 15+ years of experience in development and project management of OpenEdge and non-OpenEdge technologies, his passion is creating a safe and fun working environment for his teammates. Because the world is a better place with better code. This happens when he is not enjoying a basketball game or the beer after.

Discover how to develop a strategy for cost-effective, timely and controlled modernization of your legacy applications and harness their untapped digital value!

Bring your business forward!

Start your journey with Wayfare.

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