Modernize Legacy Code for Business Advantage. Don’t throw it, reuse it!

About The Webinar


Is your legacy code holding your business back? Don’t let outdated systems interfere with your innovation and agility. Discover how to turn your legacy code into a strategic advantage through this insightful webinar.

Join us and unlock the secrets to:

  • A winning framework: Learn a proven 4-step approach to assess, prioritize, and execute your modernization journey. 
  • Reuse redefined: Explore the “Reuse Route” for seamless integration of legacy code, minimizing risk and maximizing value. 
  • Real-world insights: Witness two compelling business cases where organizations successfully modernized their systems. 
  • Tech selection mastery: Understand how to choose the right tools and technologies for your specific needs.
  • Code resurrection: Discover innovative techniques to rejuvenate your existing code and integrate it seamlessly into a modern application.

Join us and unlock the secrets to:

  • IT leaders and developers seeking strategic approaches to legacy system modernization.
  • Business decision-makers looking to unlock hidden potential within their codebase and drive business growth.
  • Anyone 

Register now and take the first step towards transforming your legacy code into a powerful growth engine for your business! 


About Our Speaker

Mihai Neagoe is an Operations Manager at Wayfare with over 17 years of experience in IT, starting as a Progress Developer in 2006. 

He is passionate about Software Development, teamwork and cross-team collaboration. Aiming high is one of his goals, both in his professional career as in his basketball games.

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