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About our Customer

Brantano was a European chain of retail stores founded in 1962 in Belgium, specializing in footwear for men, women, and children.

The Product

The digital transformation project aims to seamlessly integrate Brantano’s offline and online operations, providing a unified and real-time web application across its stores. The initiative includes implementing a customer management system, ensuring real-time stock and article information, transitioning from file sharing to web services, unifying customer experiences, and integrating business group IT services. Additionally, the project aimed to feed information for business intelligence and analytics.

The Challenge

Brantano faced the challenge of transitioning from offline to online operations in its stores, necessitating a unified and real-time web application. The need for a customer management system, real-time stock and article scanning, and the integration of various IT services posed additional difficulties. The goal was to enhance the overall customer experience, streamline operations, and provide valuable data for analytics.

Technology Stack

  • Progress OpenEdge;
  • Progress Application Server for OpenEdge;
  • Progress (v. 6-11) – Character Based;
  • Progress (v. 6-11) – GUI Progress;
  • Rollbase;
  • Quarix;
  • OOEUnit;
  • Corticon;
  • BPM;
  • JavaScript.


The digital transformation project achieved significant milestones, including:

  • The implementation of article scanning in stores;
  • A time registration program using Corticon rules;
  • A new loyalty program;
  • In-house ETL mechanisms for message queuing;
  • A web application for stores using REST web services and Rollbase;
  • The integration of a Customer Database and Management System.


We liked Wayfare’s approach of hiring young people, with similar mentalities, recruited from the university, with good knowledge in various technologies, and specializing them on the Progress part. It was a new company, a start-up in a foreign country, a company with a good culture, who provided a complete package, including training for our own people. It was new for us, but we had to go for an approach.

The combination of Progress, the right people, the flexibility, the similar mentality and culture, all these together make Wayfare unique.

Tore Van Grembergen
IT Manager Group at Brantano

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