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About our Customer

Build.One Software GmbH, offers market-leading opportunities to meet today’s business challenges with its cloud platform solutions for web application development. Build.One’s customers realize dramatic productivity gains with its end-to-end development platform, even when crafting highly complex business-critical enterprise applications. 

The Product

With the Build.One platform and its Blueprint Technology, Build.One aims to transform business application development. Our collaborative efforts extend to actively contributing to the development, deployment and maintenance of their product.

The primary goal is to empower organizations to differentiate themselves effectively, allowing them to focus on their core competencies.

Build.One’s vision is to enable companies and teams to craft customized applications—whether complex or simple—tailored to specific needs, thereby assisting enterprises, software vendors, agencies, and developers in devising smarter and more flexible solutions. 

The Challenge

A key focus for Build.One is Progress® OpenEdge® legacy app modernization. Build.One is committed to guiding its customers through the entire lifecycle of application modernization, beginning with design, including complex UI, through business logic, data integration, deployment and ongoing application management.   

    Technology Stack

    • Progress OpenEdge;
    • Progress Corticon.js;
    • SmartComponent Library;
    • TypeScript;
    • Vue.js;
    • NODE.

    Team Structure & Methodology

    The project is driven by a collaborative team structure. The methodology emphasizes effective communication and cooperation, ensuring successful and straightforward implementation of complex development initiatives. 


      With Wayfare by our side, we’re not just offering a platform for modernisation; we’re providing a comprehensive ecosystem that ensures our clients’ success in the digital age. Wayfare’s commitment to excellence and innovation perfectly aligns with our vision of redefining application modernisation. We are grateful for the fruitful collaboration with Wayfare and look forward to our ongoing partnership.

      Dr. Ronny Schüritz
      Co-CEO, Build.One

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