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About our Customer



Founded in 2009, ClubReady has been dedicated to empowering fitness businesses to reach their full potential. As a leading provider of full-suite studio fitness and wellness club management software, ClubReady focuses on enhancing the membership management and engagement experience for fitness businesses, aiming to attract, retain, and better serve their members. 

The Product



In collaboration with Wayfare, ClubReady embarked on a modernization project aimed at revamping the Scheduling platform. The goal was to provide a modern look and feel, elevating the user experience while extending the platform’s functionalities. Wayfare played a crucial role in making architectural decisions based on requirements and technology characteristics. 

The Challenge



Teaming up with Wayfare, ClubReady embarked on a transformative journey, addressing crucial business challenges such as maintaining market leadership, expanding the customer base, innovating in their domain area, and upgrading existing customers to the latest application version.

The collaborative effort aimed at modernizing the Scheduling platform, enhancing the user experience, and extending functionalities. 

Technology Stack




  • JavaScript;
  • React.

Team Structure & Methodology



Wayfare played a key role in ramping up a new self-organizing team, proposing and documenting project architecture, and implementing the Scheduling v2 application using ReactJS. The collaboration followed an agile methodology, emphasizing effective communication and collaboration to meet the goals. 




The collaboration resulted in significant accomplishments, including the successful ramp-up of a self-organizing team. Project architecture was proposed and documented, laying the foundation for the innovative Scheduling v2 application using ReactJS. New components were developed, contributing to the enhancement of the overall application. 



We managed to get a successful beta launch in time. That brought along a lot of stability and performance. This will help build faith and confidence amongst our customer base. They can be sure that we are really improving and modernizing our software. Also, it helps us build customer satisfaction and help retain our customers.  

  Douglas LaPointe
Vice President, Product, ClubReady

What excited me about you guys is you had some known qualities that you were able to give us, with some reasonable assurance that the team would work well together and be able to execute the tasks given.

 Chad Dobda
Vice President, Technology, ClubReady

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