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About our Customer



ITRIS BV, a leading manufacturer and supplier of user-friendly software for housing corporations, operates in a niche market focused on social housing for lower-income individuals. With a customer base of 72 out of 290 social housing corporations in the Netherlands, ITRIS plays a crucial role in managing the primary processes of housing corporations, ranging from building and renting to maintaining and selling real estate. 

The Product



Sociaal Incasseren” is tailored for housing corporations and represents the first step towards an “intelligent” ERP system, aiming to redefine how social housing processes are managed 

The Challenge



ITRIS BV faced the challenge of efficiently managing data for social housing. The goal was to create a product with a modern look and feel, enhanced functionalities, and a seamless user experience. With a focus on speeding up processes and delivering client-focused solutions, partnering with an offshore company became a strategic move. Wayfare joined forces with ITRIS to strengthen their innovation development team, bringing expertise in technologies such as Angular and Java with Spring. 

Technology Stack




  • Java;
  • Java Spring;
  • Oracle;
  • Angular;
  • TypeScript.

Team Structure & Methodology



ITRIS organized its approach by segregating the current software stack for stabilization and optimization, while the innovation part focused on adding customer value. Wayfare seamlessly integrated into ITRIS’s culture, building trust and fostering a unique camaraderie. Dion Bonné, Manager Product Management & Innovatielab at ITRIS, highlighted the importance of the collaboration’s soft skills as much as technical skills, emphasizing the balance and trust achieved. 




The collaboration reached its first milestone with the delivery of an MVP version of the “Sociaal Incasseren” process by the end of quarter one. The next big milestone was launching the first commercial version and progressing to the second phase.  




The meetings with Wayfare gave us a lot of trust. Your team adjusted very well to the culture of ITRIS. It’s more like a friendship. It’s about the soft skills as much as it is about the technical skills.  

Dion Bonné
Former Manager Product Management & Innovatielab, ITRIS

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