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About our Customer

The OSIV Solution Center, located in Basel, Switzerland, serves as the central competence hub for the OSIV-pool. Founded in 1996, it is responsible for requirements analysis, software development, system integration, and support for the Insurance Agency for people with disabilities. It extends its services to seven German-speaking regions and four medical regions in Switzerland.

The Product – The OSIV Application

OSIV is a comprehensive IV case management application, that covers all implementation aspects of disability insurance. More than a third of all disability insurance employees in Switzerland work with the OSIV system. The highly integrated solution enables the paperless processing of over 25 million documents. The demands on the availability, reliability and security of the system are very high.

The Challenge

In 2018, the OSIV-Pool started a far-reaching refactoring project for the application operated with Progress® OpenEdge®. The mission was to upgrade the infrastructure of a major Swiss disability insurance organization to comply with new government rules, all while remaining fully operational throughout the project.

This means:

  • Moving from an old desktop-based OSIV 5.x application to a modern web-based OSIVNet system, which is scalable and adaptable, all while keeping the old application functional as part of a five-year plan.
  • Improving the user interface and experience, making it mobile-friendly.
  • Opening up the system for end-users.
  • Making sure it can work smoothly with various e-government applications.

Technology Stack

  • Progress OpenEdge 11.7.6;
  • DocX Factory;
  • Jenkins/ANT/Bitbucket;
  • MS Active Directory;
  • SmartComponent Library;
  • JavaScript/TypeScript;
  • JTestRail/NUnit/Selenium;
  • Jira/Confluence/Enterprise Architect;
  • SWAT Framework by Build.One;
  • Vue.js/NODE.

Team Structure & Methodology

The team included 45+ project members (Developers, BA, PO, SM, DevOps, Testers), 3 main development teams located in Basel, Cologne and Cluj-Napoca, mixed teams for spreading the know-how, 12+ nationalities, 2 main languages (German & English).

To manage our project effectively, we adopted an agile approach, leveraging both SCRUM and Kanban methodologies based on the specific roles and objectives of each team. Our work was structured into two-week cycle sprints, culminating in organized releases focused on delivering product increments.



Remarkable milestones were achieved throughout this project with the involvement of all parties:

  • Decoupled Architecture: Separated Business Logic, Data Access and UI.
  • Front-end Integration: Improved user experience with framework integration.
  • Code Optimization: Enhanced code quality through cleanup and optimization.
  • Performance Boost: Substantial improvement in application response times.
  • Security and Processes: Strengthened security and streamlined document management.
  • Release Success: Timely delivery of all six major releases within scope.
  • Legacy Maintenance: Simultaneously maintained the legacy app while developing the new system.
  • Development Efficiency: Introduced optimized branching and deployment strategies.
  • Database Optimization: Enhanced database while ensuring compatibility with the legacy app.
  • Documentation: Thoroughly documented all stages, including use-cases and test-cases.
  • Testing Excellence: Implemented both manual and automated testing for increased coverage.


I appreciate that Wayfare values fair work conditions, continuous team improvement, and a pleasant working atmosphere. Wayfare operates a professional recruiting process, the staff is well-trained and has full company support. Within mentoring and training programs, they ensure that quality and efficiency remain at high standards. We are very satisfied with Wayfare’s comprehensive services.

  Stefan Geyer
Managing Director, OSIV-Pool

We selected Wayfare because they offered both the required Progress experience and the project and resource flexibility we were seeking. What’s more, Wayfare has gone above and beyond to help us achieve our project milestones. They have a group of fun, hard-working and responsive people.

Louis Oetiker
Project Manager at OSIV-pool

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