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About our Customer



PinkRoccade Healthcare is a company that provides healthcare software solutions for the care process. In addition, service & support, consultancy & projects, implementation & integration of cloud solutions are also part of their services, connecting healthcare systems at all levels.

The Product



At the heart of this success story lies PinkRoccade Planywhere, a web application meticulously designed to empower medical staff in planning and organizing shifts and activities within a medical institution.

The Challenge



In 2021, PinkRoccade faced the formidable challenge of implementing PinkRoccade Planywhere – a web application, to meet evolving demands efficiently.

The objective was clear: fast development cycles, reduced program costs, mobility, and superior performance and quality. The specific technological requirements, including Angular technology and a Java back-end, added complexity.

The search for skilled front-end developers within budget constraints led to the adoption of a nearshoring strategy.

Technology Stack




  • Angular;
  • Spring Boot.

Team Structure & Methodology



The collaboration with Wayfare became pivotal in addressing PinkRoccade’s challenges. Wayfare’s front-end expertise seamlessly integrated with PinkRoccade’s back-end capabilities, forming a joint team. Shared values, a common mindset, and a commitment to effective communication and work ethics fueled the collaboration. The technology stack involved Javascript with Angular on the front-end and Java with Spring Boot on the back end, ensuring a robust and scalable foundation.




The collaboration resulted in a cohesive effort to enhance efficiency and productivity. The Wayfare and PinkRoccade teams collaborated seamlessly, combining front-end innovation with back-end proficiency. The outcome, an Angular-based application currently in the testing phase, promises enhanced planning and organizational capabilities for medical staff.

The project stands as a testament to successful teamwork and a shared understanding of goals and values.


We chose Wayfare because we had the feeling they understood what we were looking for. They took the time to really pay attention to our assignment and come back with a proposal well thought.
If we need people, the first company I think of is Wayfare. I have no reason to think of another one. The quality and the people are great, so why should I?

  Nele Baert
Manager of R&D, PinkRoccade Healthcare

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