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ProMark, a leading Nordic vendor of Workforce Management systems, specializes in providing real-time insights into time and resource utilization through its ProMark application. Headquartered in Denmark, ProMark serves over 400 customers globally, offering intuitive solutions for companies with 100+ employees in various industries.

The Product



ProMark Workforce Management is a complete SaaS Workforce Management solution built to maximise employee engagement and productivity. With a broad spectrum of functionality, services and integration options, ProMark is a future-proof solution with low total costs and thus an attractive and safe choice, regardless of your platform strategy.

The Challenge



ProMark faced the ongoing challenge of maintaining its market leadership, expanding its customer base, and innovating in the Workforce Management domain. With a native cloud strategy in progress, they aimed to modernize their application by moving from deploying to Windows servers to a Kubernetes container-based infrastructure. The task at hand included upgrading existing customers to the latest application version and transforming the desktop application into a web application.

The main challenge was the resource capacity needed for this modernization effort. ProMark had developed its modernization framework but required additional expertise to speed up the process.

Technology Stack




  • Progress OpenEdge;
  • Progress Application Server for OpenEdge;
  • JavaScript / Angular;
  • TypeScript.

Team Structure & Methodology



Our team successfully integrated into ProMark’s team structure, contributing to the implementation of Scrum Agile methodologies. The quick ramp-up of the team, smooth alignment of work processes, and efficient collaboration were key factors in the success of the modernization project.




Our team played a pivotal role in modernizing ProMark’s desktop application into a web application. Leveraging ProMark’s modernization framework, Wayfare’s full-stack resources contributed to the transformation of 500+ screens within the defined rules, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process.

The collaboration with Wayfare resulted in the successful onboarding of the first customers onto the new platform. This achievement not only demonstrated the accomplishment of the key goal but also highlighted the smooth integration of our team into the ProMark team structure. The project achieved success through quick team ramp-up, alignment of methodologies, and effective collaboration.

During this period:

  • We successfully delivered 87 User Stories, showcasing the agility and efficiency of our collaboration;
  • Only 7 Defects/Bugs were reported throughout the project, highlighting the high attention to detail and the quality of the work delivered;
  • Our team wrote over 1000 unit tests, reinforcing the robustness and reliability of the implemented solutions.



Wayfare has proven to be the extension partner, meaning that if we want to extend our R&D capacities, Wayfare is the go-to partner of choice. We appreciate the flexibility in the partnership; it is very important to us.

  Morten Janum
CTO, Promark

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