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About our Customer



Stertil is an international company headquartered in the North of the Netherlands with a long-standing history in the metal production industry. Stertil develops, manufactures, markets and sells products worldwide for the vehicle lifting and loading bay industries. The Stertil Group continually invests in research and development in product innovation, to help their clients with their daily technical challenges.

The Product



Driven by a vision of modernization and digitization, Stertil aimed to improve business outcomes by streamlining facility processes. The primary objective was to bring their ERP system to the production floor in a user-friendly and effective manner. The focus was on creating a tool that would simplify the registration of work hours for production workers, eliminating the complexities of their existing ERP system.

The Challenge



Stertil faced the challenge of transforming their complex ERP system into a user-friendly interface for production workers. The goal was to consolidate ERP functions into a single, easily accessible screen, eliminating paperwork and enhancing efficiency. The challenge involved finding a reliable partner to navigate the complexities of integration while maintaining usability.

Technology Stack





  • Angular;
  • TypeScript;
  • CSS.

Team Structure & Methodology



Stertil adopted a strategic approach, initially considering their in-house ERP system and low-code solutions. Recognizing the need for a professional touch, they partnered with Wayfare, impressed by their competent team and ability to digitalize Stertil’s vision.

The collaboration involved creating a mock-up for a web interface, ensuring seamless integration with the ERP functions. Wayfare worked closely with Stertil’s ERP supplier consultancy agency, employing an efficient methodology to meet Stertil’s requirements promptly. 




The collaboration resulted in an efficient web application that streamlined production work orders, inventory bookings, and employee hours registration.

The integration of ERP functions into a single screen significantly reduced administrative work, empowering production leaders to focus on strategic tasks.

Stertil’s commitment to digital transformation and Wayfare’s expertise culminated in a successful implementation that enhanced operational efficiency. 


Wayfare had a competent team that digitalized our mock-up, advised us on web-application usability, and seamlessly put it into production. The result was an application that meets our requirements and integrates ERP functions efficiently.

  Bart Doornkamp
Operations Director/COO, Stertil

The web application made our work more efficient, reducing administrative tasks. It allows our production leaders to focus on what’s essential for them, propelling the business forward. 

Herrien Bisscop
Head of Information Technology & DPO, Stertil

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